US Space Force Wiki, Uniform, Logo, Ranks, Recruitment and Net Worth

The US Space Force or the United States Space Force (USSF) is the sixth independent arm of the US military and was launched by former US President Donald Trump in 2020. One of the major reasons highlighted by Trump as the reason behind the USSF launch was to establish the dominance of the United States of America in space as a mere presence of the country wasn’t enough.

United States Space Force

As at the time this post was published, the US Space Force is the smallest military unit in the US armed service with a total number of 2,501 guardians and just 77 aircraft. These numbers may have increased by the time you are reading this post although it will be updated.

The head of the United States Space Force (military head in this case) is the chief of space operations. He is the most senior space officer and his duty is to exercise supervision over all the space units. The Chief of Space operations also serves as one of the Joint Chiefs. Although, he has superiors that exercise authority over him regarding the USSF. We explain more on this here.

United States Space Force Wiki and History

The origins of the space force can be traced to the year 1945 when the first set of space programs were initiated. This was during the Cold war between the United States and the then Soviet Union. The allies of each country (Eastern Bloc & Western Bloc) were also involved in this war.

US Space Force

On the 1st of September, 1984, the US Air Force launched the Air Force Space Command otherwise known as AFSC. The USSF was originally known as AFSC but was founded again as a separate military (in a way civilian) service on the 20th of December, 2019.

The Air Force Space Command, during the Cold War era, was saddled with the responsibility of focusing on “missile warning, launch operations, satellite control, space surveillance and command and control for national leadership”.

Prior to the 2019 launch, there was already a proposal of a Space Corps in 2018. It was in June 2018 the then President of the United States, Donald Trump directed the DOD (Departement of Defense) to begin the process of establishing what is now known as the US Space Force.

Organization Profile




United States of America


United State Government


Private & Public

Commander- in-Chief

President Joe Biden

Secretary of Defense

Lloyd Austin

Secretary of Air Force

John P. Roth (Acting as of April 2021)

Chief of Space Operations

Gen. John W. Raymond


Security and Space related programs


Virginia, USA

Official Website

Space Force


  • 2501 – 3000 guardians.
  • 13 000 – 15 000 airmen.

US Space Force Ranks

The USSF ranks are divided into three (3) major levels. They are:

  • Specialist Ranks (E-1-E-4)
  • Non-Commissioned Officer Ranks (E-5 & E-6)
  • Senior Non-Commissioned Officer Ranks (E-7 -E-9)
  • Chief Master Sergeant of the Space Force (E-9S)

The hierarchy of the command chain for the space force starts with the US President >> Secretary of Defense >> Secretary of the Air Force >> Chief of Space Operations >> Vice Chief of Space Operations >> Chief Master Sergeant of the Space and from this position down to most junior officer, Specialist 1 (E-1).

US Space Force Uniform

The official US Space Force uniforms would be earth-toned and below is an example of how it would look.

US Space Force Uniform

US Space Force Logo

The official motto for the space force is “Semper Supra” which means “always above”. USSF’s logo has generally been considered to look like one out of Star Trek. It was designed by the US Department of the Air Force’s advertising agency, GSD&M.

US Space Force Logo

US Space Force Recruitment

You can start and have a great space career with the United States Space Force but you need to first get recruited. We have answered some of the FAQs regarding the recruitment process.

Can I join the US Space Force?

Yes, you can. Any US Citizen can get enlisted if they fulfill all requirements.

How do you get into the US Space Force?

The easiest way to join the USSF is to be a part of the US Air Force or find an available position for civilians.

What does space force pay?

The space force is expected to pay from an annual salary of $18,000 to as high as $150,000.

United Space Force Net Worth

The space force is valued at $15 billion.