University of Oxford Wiki, Jobs, Tuition, Acceptance Rate, Notable Alumni and Net Worth

University of Oxford or Oxford University is one of the most popular universities in the world facing fierce competition all the way from America which is Harvard University. This has led to one of the most popular questions in the academic world:

Is Oxford better than Harvard?

The rankings of the top schools by internationally recognized brands such as Webometrics and Times Higher Education at a time places Harvard at the top and sometimes below Oxford University. The best way to know which is better is to analyze all rankings based on the particular year you might want to choose a school and also you can do in-depth research using the Google search yourself.

Oxford University currently has 39 colleges which are autonomous to an extent and all of its departments are divided into four (4) divisions which are the:

  • Humanities Division
  • Medical Sciences Division
  • Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Division
  • Social Sciences Division

These divisions all have their own elected board that governs them.

Some of the things you might not know about the University is that it is old and I mean very old. It is known to be the oldest university in England and the second oldest active university in the world.

University of Oxford Wiki and History

Oxford University’s founding date is unknown as no one can point out the exact year the institution was founded. Although, researchers believe that the university was founded sometime around the early 11th century.

University of Oxford

In the history of the university, the Renaissance period which took place between the 15th & 16th centuries had a major impact on the University. It metamorphosed from the medieval scholastic teaching method to the Renaissance method.

Not until the 19th century, where reforms were carried out, the reputation of the University fell drastically. 1852 to be precise was the year that the educational reforms began with two parliamentary commissions issuing out reforms. The reforms continued up until the 2oth century with administrative reforms being carried out. Some of the things that were achieved with these reforms include allowing the university to be open to all Britons, introductions of professorship models like their German and Scottish counterparts, the introduction of doctorates for research awards, and more.

Organization Profile


11th Century






The Rt Hon the Lord Patten of Barnes, CH. Christopher Francis Patten



Parent Organization

Russell Group


Oxford, United Kingdom

Official Website

University of Oxford



University of Oxford Press

The university press is the largest and one of the oldest university press in the world as it was founded in 1586.

University of Oxford Acceptance Rate

Oxford MBA Acceptance Rate

Oxford’s Law School Acceptance Rate 8%

Oxford University Undergraduate Acceptance Rate

16% to 17.7%
University of Oxford Graduate Acceptance Rate 14.5%

In most cases, to explain the acceptance rate we would be using the 2019 – 2020 set as an example. For the Oxford MBA program, about 329 students were admitted while they received 1,586 applications with 95% of the applicants being international students.

For Oxford University Law School, according to World Scholarship Forum, the acceptance rate is currently 8%.

Oxford University

The university’s graduate acceptance rate is around 14.5%. It is important to note that their program is divided into two (2):

  • Graduate Research Programs.
  • Graduate Taught Programs.

Oxford University’s acceptance rate generally is 17.5% on average.

University of Oxford Jobs

Students at the university may be offered to work for the school and it would most likely be a part-time job. If you aren’t a student and you are looking for a job at Oxford University, you can visit here.

The jobs are divided into five (5) major categories. They include:

These are jobs regarding academic work such as Associate Professorship in a particular field.

Research is a major part of any university. It is a major determinant in the rankings of schools by institutions such as Webometrics. Oxford University strives to pick and work with the best in the research industry. If you are qualified you will be picked and can earn anywhere from £20,000 to £30,000 per annum. It can be more and it can be lesser.

If you are interested in being an apprentice at the school, you could check if there is any role open.

The professional services are majorly divided into two (2).  They are:

  • Professional services (Professional Services & Management)
  • Professional Services (Support & Technical)
  • Temporary Work

There are jobs that might be available that are not permanent. If you qualify for these jobs, you can apply for them.

University of Oxford Notable Alumni “Oxonians”

Any alumni of the University of Oxford is known as an Oxonian. Below are some University of Oxford’s notable alumni.




Prof. Stephen Hawking Physicist 20th/21st Century
Felicity Jones Actor 20th/21st Century
Hugh Grant Actor 20th/21st Century
H H Asquith British Prime Minister 19th Century
Sir John Gurdon Scientist (Nobel Prize Winner) 20th/21st Century
David Cameron British Prime Minister 20th/21st Century
William Golding Novelist (Nobel Prize Winner) 20th/21st Century
Dr. Eric Williams Chief Minister, Premier, and Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago 20th/21st Century
Matthew Arnold Poet 19th Century
Cardinal John Henry Newman Theologian 19th Century
Sir Robert Peel British Prime Minister 19th Century
Cecil Rhodes One of the pioneers of colonialism 19th Century
Oscar Wilde Playwright, Poet & Author 19th Century
Thomas de Quincey Author 19th Century
Eleanor Rathbone Politician 19th Century
William Morris Artist 19th Century
Sir Richard Burton Explorer 19th Century
James Oglethorpe Founder of Georgia  (US State) 17th/18th Century
William Penn Founder of Pennsylvania (US State) 17th/18th Century
Indira Gandhi Indian Prime Minister 20th/21st Century
Tony Blair British Prime Minister 20th/21st Century
Benazir Bhutto Prime Minister of Pakistan 20th/21st Century
Katy Brand Comedian and Entertainer 20th/21st Century
John Locke Philosopher 19th Century
Thomas Bradwardine Archbishop of Canterbury 13th /14th Century
Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto President and Prime Minister 20th/21st Century
Sir Walter Raleigh Explorer 15th/16th Century
John Donne Poet 15th/16th Century
William Tyndale Bible Translator 15th/16th Century
Thomas Hobbes Philosopher 17th/18th Century
John Wesley Founder of Methodism 17th/18th Century
J M G (Tom) Adams Prime Minister of Barbados 20th/21st Century
Boris Johnson British Prime Minister 20th/21st Century
Diran Adebayo Writer 20th/21st Century
Dr. Olli Rehn EU Commissioner 20th/21st Century
Dr. Manmohan Singh Indian Prime Minister 20th/21st Century
Pixley Seme Founder of ANC 20th/21st Century
Adam Smith Economist 17th/18th Century

University of Oxford Net Worth

We have no official data on how much the university is worth at this time.