Swiss National Bank Wiki, CEO, Interest Rates and Net Worth

The Swiss National Bank/Schweizerische Nationalbank or SNB as it is commonly called is the official and the central bank of Switzerland. It is the only institution that can make monetary policies regarding the country and also print legal tender notes or coins otherwise known as Swiss Franc. This is one of the biggest organization in Europe by revenue and market capitalization.

Swiss National Bank

It is no news that Switzerland is popular for its financial sector. Swiss banks are special because of the international banking reputation they have gained over anonymity and safeguarding of financial assets over the years.

The country is known to be a top destination for black or dirty money although in rankings China, Russia, India, Mexico and Malaysia are well ahead of the country but many ultra wealthy prefer to bank with the Swiss banks.

Swiss National Bank Wiki and History

The bank was founded in 1907 although part of its history dates as far back as 1848. In the 19th century, there was a need to reduce the banks and also have a bank to oversee the issuing of banknotes. On the 29th of May 1974, the confederation was authorized to make laws that centers around the issue and redemption of banknotes. Others policies and laws around the issue of banknotes were created that year.

In 1905, the SNB was founded although operations only began two (2) years later. Business began exactly on June 20, 1907 at Basel, Berne, Geneva, St Gallen and Zurich.

Since inception, the the bank has had 15 Presidents of the SNB Council as at March, 2021. They are:

President Year
Johann Daniel Hirter 1906 – 1923
Paul Usteri 1923 – 1927
Alfred Sarasin 1927 – 1935
Gustav Schaller 1935 – 1939
Gottlieb Bachmann 1939 – 1947
Alfred Müller 1947 – 1959
Brenno Galli 1959 – 1978
Edmund Wyss 1978 – 1986
François Schaller 1986 – 1989
Peter Gerber 1989 -1993
Jakob Schönenberger 1993 – 1999
Eduard Belser 1999 – 2002
Hans Ulrich Raggenbass 2002 – 2012
Jean Studer 2012 – 2019
Barbara Janom Steiner 2019 – PRESENT

Barbara Janom Steiner is the first woman to hold the position ever since the bank was founded over 100 years ago. It was indeed a historic moment for the bank and women across the world.

Organization Profile

Founded 1907





Stock Market

Listed on Swiss Stock Exchange as SNBN


Thomas Jordan




Zürich, Kanton Zürich.

Official Website



500 – 1000

Swiss National Bank Interest Rates

For a very long time now, the Swiss National Bank interest rate has stood at -0.75%. The interest rate is also known as SNB policy rate.

Swiss National Bank Interest Rate

Below is a chart of the Swiss National Bank interest rates historically.

Here are some frequently asked questions about the bank.

What is the interest rate of Swiss bank?

The interest rate of the SNB stands at -0.75%.

Do Swiss bank accounts pay interest?

If you do hold a bank account is Swiss Francs, you will earn some interests.

Swiss National Bank Net Worth

No figure is available for this organization regarding their estimated net worth.