Racksterli Wiki, Packages, Davido, Coupon Code and Net Worth

Racksterli is a popular Nigerian investment firm that many most especially Nigerians have claimed to be a Ponzi scheme. Their investment scheme started in 2019 and as of May 2021, it is still on.


The investment scheme has been criticized heavily on social media for being “dubious” and “sketchy”. In Nigeria, there have been different “schemes” in the past few months that claim to give someone an ROI (return of investment) of up to 10% to as high as 40% in just 30 days.

Most of these schemes have crashed running away with thousands and in some cases millions of dollars after being unable to pay back their “investors”.

Racksterli Wiki and History

The company was first introduced as Racksterly in May 2019 but it collapsed in January 2020 after Paystack and Flutterwave crashed the ponzi scheme by withholding their funds. Racksterly was able to refund some of those who invested with them but they couldn’t refund all.

Then later in 2020, the scheme was rebranded as Racksterli and started accepting investment. This time they were able to attract more people to the scheme. In the first half of 2021, it was reported that the scheme and run into problems with the head of the scheme, Michael Oti Chidiebere aka Blackgold calming investors that their funds are still safe.

Company Profile

Founded 2020
Founder Michael Oti Chidiebere (Blackgold)
Type Private
Owner Michael Oti Chidiebere (Blackgold)
Industry Finance
Headquarters Lagos, Nigeria
Official Website racksterli.com
Employees N/A

FAQs About Racksterli

Here are some frequently asked questions about the company.

Is Racksterli com legit?

It has paid some of its investors and we have reports of many investors not getting paid so it isn’t legit.

Who is the CEO of Racksterli?

His name is Michael Oti Chidebere also known as Blackgold

Is Racksterli a registered company?

Yes, it is

What is Racksterli investment?

It is an investment scheme that pays up to 58% ROI to all investors within 30 days.

Racksterli Packages

Below are all of the packages under the scheme.

Racksterli Packages

Standard package: Invest 14,000 naira to earn 21,660 naira in 30 days

Premium package: Invest  28,000 naira to earn 44,460 naira in 30 days

Platinum package:Invest  56,000 naira  to earn 88,920 naira  in 30 days.

Gold package: Invest  112,000 naira to earn 177,840 naira in 30 days.

Diamond package: Invest  280,000 naira to earn 444,600 naira in 30 days.

Ruby package: Invest 560,000 naira to earn 848,388 naira in 30 days.

Emerald package:Invest  1,120,000 naira to earn 1,690,000 naira in 30 days.

Pearl package:Invest 2,800,000 naira to earn 4,177,340 naira in 30 days.

Jasper package:Invest  5,000,000 naira to earn 7,379,600 naira in 30 days.

Sapphire package: Invest 10,000,000 naira to earn 14,820,000 naira in 30 days.

Topaz package: Invest 20,000,00 naira to earn 29,319,660 naira in 30 days.

Racksterli Davido

Popular, Nigerian singer and CEO of DMW, Davido, endorsed the company in 2020.

Racksterli Coupon Code

According to Legacy Tips, your coupon code depends on the type of package you choose. Each of these packages comes with their different referral bonus.

You will have to find a coupon vendor who will then give you a coupon code through which you will join the investment scheme but as you know, Zimapp isn’t a coupon vendor so we cannot provide that for you.

Racksterli Net Worth

We don’t have any official figures but the company is worth $5 million to $10 million. These figures are just based off what we could get online.