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Pepsi is a popular drink around the world and can be found in almost any country. It is one of the most valuable brands in the beverage industry.


There is an ongoing decades long rivalry with fellow competitor, Coca-Cola. They both brutally attack one another with what I’d like to call “aggressive ads”. Many people have found these ads to be rather amusing.

As a product, it has been around for more than 100 years and obviously has one of the strongest customer base in the world.

As at July 2020, the brand reported an annual revenue of close to $10 billion. This is majorly generated via sales of the carbonated drink in countries they are currently operating in.

Pepsi Wiki and History

As you know already, it is a carbonated drink which is being manufactured by PepsiCo. That also answers the question of “who owns Pepsi?” as they also own the carbonated drink. We can say that its headquarters is located at Purchase, Harrison, New York, United States since that’s the head office of its parent organization. You can get more details about the profile of this brand below.

It was initially known as “Brad’s Drink” and not as what we know it as today. It was first introduced by Caleb Bradham in 1893 at  New Bern, North Carolina, United States, where his drugstore was located.

In 1898, due to the fact that what Bradham had created could relive dyspepsia, the name was changed to Pepsi-Cola. This name could reflect what exactly he was advertising. In a few years time, he was already selling his products from a warehouse as it was in high demand at that time.

In the year 1923, Pepsi-Cola went bankrupt and a large part was due to the effects of the second World War (WWII) on the prices of Sugar. Sugar was and is still a major ingredient till today. The assets of the company were sold to Roy C. Megargel  then later, Chalres Guth who was the President of Loft Inc. bought them.

For about 20 years, the brand had a very strong presence especially in the United States. This was achieved via marketing and advertising. Till today, their approach might have evolved along with development across the world but their strategy is still the same.

One of the most notable events of the company happened in 1992 when a marketing campaign went wrong in the Philippines. A total number of 800,000 winning caps were distributed by accident for a grand prize of 1 million Philippines Pesos which is close to 21,000 USD today. This caused a massive riot across the country.

Pepsi History

When it comes to Sponsorships, the brand is a regular face there. In the sports world they are very much sponsors to different leagues and teams and have some players on their Ambassadorial list. Also, in the entertainment industry, they are a familiar brand.

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Pepsi Logo

Here is an info graphic of all logos from this brand till date. The 2008 logo is still being used till today.

Pepsi Logo

Pepsi Net Worth and Valuation

The estimated value of Pepsi hovers around $19 billion.