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By now, if you aren’t familiar with American online streaming giant, Netflix, then you must be living under the rocks or something. It has grown over the years and has in fact evolved, seriously disrupting the traditional way of streaming movies which is majorly via Cable TV. This one company that everyone loves including Zimapp (winks).

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Thanks to advancement in technology you can now stream movies or TV shows from any device anywhere. From your smartphone, Tablets (iPads and more) to your smart TV, Windows PC, Macs and game consoles such as Xbox and the Playstations, you are limitless.

Netflix Wiki

For the Netflix wiki, you should know that the headquarters of the digital giant is currently at Los Gatos, California, United States of America with offices in the following countries:

  • France
  • United Kingdom
  • Brazil
  • Netherlands
  • India
  • Japan
  • South Korea.
  • and of course the United States of America.

There are currently two CEOs of the company named Reed Hastings, who also serves as the Chairman and Ted Sarandos who is also CCO also.

Netflix Founder

One thing many people don’t know about the streaming company was founded back in 90s. Both Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph, founded the company back in 1997 in California, Scott Valleys to be precise. Initially, the company’s mode; at inception was just DVD sales and rental by mail. Later, Hastings decided to focus more on DVD Sales. It was back in 2007 the business model was extended to include online streaming.

In 2019, the company had a total revenue of about $20 billion which is quite impressive. As at when this post was published, it has about 8,000 employees and close to 200 million paid subscribers worldwide. They have two productions hubs in the US, a hub in Spain and another in England, making it a total of four (4).

Company Profile




The Vanguard Group (Largest Shareholder)


Reed Hastings



Stock Exchange

Listed on NASDAQ as NFLX

Chairman and Co-CEO

Reed Hastings



Headquarters (Corporate)

Los Gatos, CA, USA

Official Website


5,000 – 15,000

Netflix Login

To login or register an account, please click here.

Netflix Free Trial and Plans

It no longer offers the first month free trial anymore. Meanwhile, there are plans are divided into three with different prices and features. Choose the best that suits you here.

Netflix Movies

Netflix Movies

Once you register, you’d be able to have access to their large movie catalogue which keeps growing bigger by the day. From action, adventure to Korean and blockbuster African movies, it is all at your fingertips.

Netflix Supported Countries

It is available worldwide in over 190 countries with the exception to China Mainland, Crimea, North Korea and Syria.

Netflix Net Worth and Valuation

The market value of Netflix according to Forbes as at April, 2020 stood at $194 billion.