Louis Vuitton Wiki, CEO, Profile and Net Worth

When it comes to the best set of designer pieces out there, of course Louis Vuitton is leading the pack. With the likes of Dior, Givenchy, Gucci and more giving it some serious competition in the fashion world. Zimapp writes about this luxurious brand today.

One fun fact you should know is that, Dior, Fendi, VLV and Givenchy are all owned by the same parent organization LVMH. LVMH’s current CEO is Bernard Arnault and the company was founded in 1987. The company also has other popular products such as Sephora, Hennessy, Bulgari, ‎Moët & Chandon and more luxury goods.

Louis Vuitton

Not so many people know but the full name of the brand called Louis Vuitton or LV is actually Louis Vuitton Malletier. It is one of the world’s leading fashion brands. In high end department stores, it is not uncommon to see their products displayed in such places.

Louis Vuitton Wiki and History

The luxury fashion brand was founded in 1854 (the 19th century) by French designer, Louis Vuitton (1821 – 1892). He was born in Anchay, Jura, France to both Xavier Vuitton and Corinne Gaillard. It currently has its headquarters at Pairs, France.

Starting from 2006 till 2012, LV was named the world’s most valuable brand. This was a position it held for six consecutive years which is indeed remarkable.

Even though it was founded 166 years ago, you can still LV products in high end department stores is posh locations, stand alone stores and can even order from their e-commerce website here. Most of their products are easy to identify with the easily recognizable “LV” label appearing on luxury goods, jewelries, watches, sunglasses and more. LV’s products aren’t restricted to just one gender but both genders (Male & Female).

As at November 2020, LV operates in about 50 countries.

Company Profile






Louis Vuitton


Brand (Subsidiary)

Chairman and CEO

Michael Burke

Parent Organization




Headquarters (Corporate)

Paris, France

Official Website

Louis Vuitton


10,000 – 20,000

 Louis Vuitton CEO

The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of LV is Michael Burke. Meanwhile, both Nicolas Ghesquière and
Virgil Abloh are the Creative Directors.

Louis Vuitton Net Worth and Valuation

The company is valued at $32 billion. It is currently the most valuable luxury brand in the world and the 17th most valuable brand in the world as at 2021.