Indie Hackers Wiki, Podcast, Founder and Net Worth

If you have played around the startup world, surely you must have heard about Indie Hackers. This is a platform used most commonly by startup founders of which many are developers. With this brand, you can connect with other founders, share ideas and in fact grow your own business easily.

Indie Hackers

This is an online community with over 20,000 users and one of the most popular feature is the forum. With the forum, independent entrepreneurs can connect with one another.

Apart from the forum, the website has other features which are incredibly popular amongst the users. They include the Interviews and Podcast sections. All of these sections are managed by the company management itself and not the users on the platform.

Indie Hackers Wiki and History

The company was founded on August 11th, 2016 by Courtland Allen and his brother Channing Allen joined the company after Fin Tech giant, Stripe bought the company in 2017. Although, Channing Allen still identifies as a co-founder.

Courtland Allen is an MIT graduate and also a Y Combinator alumni and has been leading the the team at Stripe since 2017.


Company Profile




Courtland Allen






Internet, Digital Media

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San Francisco, CA United States

Official Website

Indie Hackers


Less than 20

Indie Hackers Podcast

As at February, 2021, the podcast by the online media company has six (6) shws and they are:

Indie Hackers Podcast

  • Indie Bites
  • Indie Hackers
  • Newsletter Crew
  • Run With It
  • Software Social
  • Startup to Last

You just have to click here and get started with their shows. You can filter what you want by shows and stream all of the episodes.

Indie Hackers Net Worth

Currently, we have no official estimate but Stripe bought the company back in 2017 for a figure many guessed to be between $500,000 to $1.5M.