Google Wiki, Logo, Account, CEO, Headquarters and Net Worth

You must not live on earth not to know what Google is. At times, personally, I prefer to call it the backbone of today’s internet world.


A search query can bring hundreds of thousands or millions of results within seconds depending on your search term(s). Now, it has developed its AI and improved its algorithm over the years to pick the most relevant results for you. Chances are that you are viewing this page because you did a simple search which was most probably on Google.

In 2015, Alphabet Inc. was created by the founders of Google in order to “restructure the company”. They wanted to keep the limit of the scope of the company while Alphabet Inc. handled the rest.  Thus, Alphabet Inc. took over the subsidiaries and was listed publicly instead. In 2019, the founders stepped down from their executive roles at Alphabet preferring to remain in the background.

Google Wiki and History

To trace the history of Google, we have to travel back in time to 1996. The founders of the internet giant – Larry Page, and Sergey Brin were Ph.D. students at Stanford University at the time they started the company. They also had a programmer, Scott Hassan, who wrote more lines of code that contributed to the “Backbone” research project. That was what Google was initially called before it became a company officially.

Prior to the registration of the domain name, on September 15, 1997, the search engine relied on Stanford’s domain so it was and also Almost a year later, on the 4th of September 1998, it was officially incorporated as a company in a garage at Menlo Park, California.

As at the time they were incorporated as a company, they had serious competition such as Yahoo!, Excite, AOL, and more. Sergey Brin and Larry Page were both against the use of pop-up ads as a primary source of revenue for the search engine. Therefore, they went along with text ads which is still a major part of their revenue to date in 2000.

Both Page and Brin offered to sell their company which was growing at that time to Graham Bell (CEO of Excite) for $1 million but he rejected their offer. Even when the company was offered to him at a lower price which was $750,000, he still rejected the offer. This was in the first few months of 1999.

History of Google

In its early days, the search engine was praised for its simple design which its competitors lacked. This gave it an edge over competitors and was able to retain users. As of 2003, the company made a game changer acquisition which was Pyre Labs. They were the original brains behind the blogger service and commenced operations in 1999.

On August 19, 2004, it went public via an IPO (initial public offering) with over 19,605,052 shares offered. By June 2005, the company was already valued at over $50billion which was remarkable for a company barely a decade old.

Bill Gates’ Microsoft and Google later grew to become fierce competitors. They even went as far as taking the other to court and this was because of Microsoft’s former Vice President, Kai-Fu Lee. He decided to quit Microsoft and join the latter. This made Microsoft sue Google claiming the ex-VP had too much sensitive information. Both parties in December 2005, decided to take the out-of-court settlement option.

During the 2007/2008 financial crisis, the company almost went bankrupt after seeing a serious decline in its ad revenue. This made it make a $3.1 billion purchase of DoubleClick in order to start cookie-based tracking. The purchase was prior to the acquisition of YouTube at $1.67 billion. In May 2011, the search engine reached a new milestone. It crossed its one billion users a month milestone for the first time since it began operations in 1998.

The restructuring of the company took place in 2015 and this saw the birth of Alphabet Inc. You can read more on this here. Larry Page stepped down as CEO of Alphabet while Sundar Pichai took over in 2019.

Company Profile




Larry Page

Sergey Brin



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Listed on NASDAQ as GOOG and GOOGL


Sundar Pichai



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Alphabet Inc.


Mountain View, CA, United States of America.

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Over 100,000

Google Logo

Here is a picture of all of their logos from 1995 (BackRub) till 2015 which is the current one as the time this post was published.

Google Logo

Google Account

Before you can use any of their services, you will need to create a Google account.

How to Create a Google Account

  1. Visit the Google account sign-up page.
  2. On the first page, fill in your first name and last name.
  3. Still, on the page you create a username with would be your email and a password.
  4. On the next page, you might be asked for your personal information such as DOB.
  5. After that, you can add your phone number in order to secure the account.
  6. Congratulations, you have a Google account.

There is a popular saying that “One account. All of Google working for you.” 

Google Net Worth

The estimated net worth of the company stands at $279,347 billion.