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Centennial College of Applied Arts and Technology is one of the best community colleges in Canada and it is a top pick amongst immigrants students wanting to study in the country especially in Toronto, Ontario.

The college is popular and a major reason for this is because of its location which is Toronto. Not so many people know that the public College is Toronto’s first community college and also the oldest publicly funded college in Ontario.

Centennial College Wiki and History

Before the Province of Ontario had public colleges in Ontario, the then Minister of Education, Hon. William Davis had to direct the establishment of Ontario Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology. It was established on May 21, 1955.

Centennial College

The Centennial College of Applied Arts and Technology was the first public college and was opened in the 1960s. The first campus of the college which was the Warden Woods Campus was established on the 17th of October, 1966. On its first day, the campus admitted 514 students in 16 different programs offered by the college back then.

In 2004, the Warden Woods campus was demolished to make way for a housing development scheme although the college now has six different campuses.

Organization Profile




Ontario Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology




Government of Ontario

President & CEO

Dr. Craig Stephenson




Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

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1000 – 7000

FAQs About Centennial College

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the Canadian public university below.

What program is Centennial College known for?

It is best known for majorly its Arts programs and thereby making it a common choice especially amongst international students.

Is it hard to get into Centennial College?

It isn’t as hard as you may think once you can fulfill its admission requirements.

Is Centennial College good for international students?

Yes, it is due to its popularity in Canada and the highly sophisticated network the college offers.

How long is a semester at Centennial College?

A typical semester is 15 weeks long.

Centennial College Login

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Centennial College Ranking

Webometrics ranks the college 5637th in the world and 78th in Canada.

Centennial College Programs and Courses

Centennial College Programs

There are over 200 programs being offered at the school. The programs are majorly divided into eight (8) types.

Apprenticeship Programs

College & University Preparation

Co-op Education

Degree Programs

Dual Credit Programs

Fast-track Programs

Graduate Certificate Programs

Joint Programs

These programs can either be full-time or part-time programs and there is also the option for online learning if that’s what an applicant or student might prefer.

Centennial College Careers

The college is a great community to work and employees are treated with the utmost respect no matter their job roles. Some of their employees’ benefits include:

  • Health Insurance
  • Wellness
  • Family Support
  • Pension
  • Time Away
  • Learning for all
  • Discounted quality food

The college also recognizes and provides people who are physically challenged with equal opportunities. To make inquiries about Centennial College careers or job opportunities, please send a mail to them at [email protected].

Centennial College Campuses

Centennial College Campuses

All of the campuses and their location include:

  • Ashtonbee Campus (75 Ashtonbee Rd., Toronto, ON M1L 4N4)
  • Downsview Campus (65 Carl Hall Road, Toronto, ON, M3K 2C1)
  • Morningside Campus (755 Morningside Ave., Toronto, ON M1C 5J9)
  • Progress Campus (941 Progress Ave., Toronto, ON M1G 3T8)
  • Story Arts Centre (951 Carlaw Ave., Toronto, ON, M4K 3M2)
  • Eglinton Learning Site (124 Eglinton Ave W, Toronto, ON M4R 2G8)
  • Community Employment Services (1163 Ellesmere Road, Scarborough, ON M1P 2X7)
  • Performing Arts Commons at Daniels Spectrum (585 Dundas St. East, Toronto, ON, M5A 2B)

The College has five (5) campuses, one (1) learning site, one (1) employment service center, and a performing arts center.

Centennial College Logo

Centennial College Logo

Centennial College Net Worth

As at this time, there are no figures on how much the college is worth. You can check back some other time.