Canadian Tire Wiki, Subsidiaries, Online Shopping, Hours, Flyers and Net Worth

This is one of the biggest retail company not just in Canada but also in North America. The full company’s name is the Canadian Tire Corporation Limited and it is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSE) market.

Apart from being a retail store, it also offers financial services and as a result of this, they do have a bank which is one of their major subsidiaries – Canadian Tire Bank. Their operations are not only limited to the finance industry above but are also found in the petroleum industry by operating gas stations across Canada and providing car washes.

There are several operations which the retail company operates and they all range from industry to industry.

Canadian Tire Canada

The retail company itself can be found with products from different sectors as it isn’t a niche based retail company. They include:

  • Automotive
  • Housewares
  • Leisure
  • Hardware
  • Sports and more.

Canadian Tire Wiki and History

Like earlier stated, the company is known to be one of the biggest retail companies in North America competing with giants such as Walmart, Home Depot and more. It was founded on the 15th of September, 1922.Canadian TireTwo Canadian brothers, John and Alfred Billes are known to be the founders of the Canadian retail giant. In 1922, the brothers took their savings of $1,800 and invested it in the Hamilton Tire and Garage Limited. At this time, they specialized only in buying tires at discounted rates and reselling them off during summer with a retail store opened in Toronto.

In 1927, the company was incorporated as “Canadian Tire Corporation Limited” with a major focus on just tires. In 1934, Their first Associate store was opened in Ontario, Canada while they went public later in 1944 as they continued to expand further. By the mid 40s, there were already over 100 Canadian Tire stores.

From 1958, the company diverted from just tires and opened their first gas bar. In 1968, they purchased and renamed small financial company named Midland Shoppers Credit Limited. By 2001, they entered the clothing market and wemt further in 2018 after acquiring Helly Hansen, a Norwegian clothing retailer.

They tried expanding into neighboring US with two attempts. The first in 1980 and the second in the 1990s, both resulted into failure.

 Company Profile


15th September, 1922


John William Billes

Alfred Jackson Billes


Martha Billes

Company Type

Public on Toronto Stock Exchange (TSE)


Toronto, Canada.


Greg Hicks

Official Website

Canadian Tire Canada


58, 000

 What Does Canadian Tire Sell?

The retail company sells products related to automotive, home & pets, tools & hardware, sports & recreation and outdoor living.

Canadian Tire Online Shopping and Subsidiaries

Shopping online with the retail company is easy. You can order anything from auto parts to home décor, outdoor living products, fitness/sports equipment, tools and hardware delivered to your doorstep anywhere in Canada.

Click here to start ordering and shopping online!

All of their subsidiaries include the following companies.

Canadian Tire Flyer and Hours

The flyer section of the website is updated weekly with sales and discounts on several products. You can view them here.


From Monday to Sunday they are opened from 8:00 AM till 9:00 PM, Canadian time.

Canadian Tire Net Worth and Value

Their total asset is estimated to be about $19 billion, making them one of the most valuable companies in Canada.