AstraZeneca Wiki, Logo, Careers, Vaccine and Net Worth

AstraZeneca is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the world ranking tall amongst its peers such as GSK, Pfizer, and more. The company best known for making drugs has its origins in Great Britain and Sweden.

As at the time this post was published, the British-Swedish drug manufacturer is making the news headlines for making a Covid-19 vaccine in a record of just nine (9) months. Below in the post, you will find more information regarding the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine.

The company is currently a public one as it is listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) and still has secondary listings on other markets in India, United States, and Sweden.

AstraZeneca Wiki and History

The company was founded on the 6th of April, 1999 with the merger of Astra AB and Zeneca Group. Prior to the merger, Astra B was a pharmaceutical-based in Södertälje, Sweden while Zeneca Group had its headquarters in London, United Kingdom. The merger gave birth to what is now known as AstraZeneca PLC.

Between 2000 and 2013, it had acquired other companies in the health sector such as KuDOS Pharmaceuticals (acquired in 2005), Arrow Therapeutics (acquired in 2007), Novexel Corp (acquired in 2010), and more.

Apart from acquisition, the company has had major breakthroughs in the health industry. 3 years after the merger, the company’s Iressa (Gefitinib) was approved in Japan as a medication for cancers. This was a major one for the drugmaker.

Pfizer, another pharmaceutical company tried to take over the company in 2014. They offered to give the company £55 for each shares issued. The drugmaker later rejected the deal from Pfizer after several meetings as top British personalities most especially the politicians were against the deal.

In 2020, the Covid 19 pandemic came and held the world. The company went into collaboration with Oxford University in order to develop a vaccine and stop the virus from spreading further.

As of April 2021, the vaccine developed to battle Covid 19 has been approved by the World Health Organization (WHO). The vaccine is still undergoing clinical trials and studies are still being carried out although the vaccines are already being administered across the world.

Company Profile




 Astra AB

Zeneca Group PLC



Stock Market

Listed on LSE as AZN

Listed on NASDAQ (Stockholm) as AZN

Listed on NASDAQ as AZN


Leif Valdemar Johansson


Pascal Claude Roland Soriot


Pharmaceutical, Biotech


Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, Great Britain

Official Website



10 000 – 15 000

AstraZeneca Logo

Below is the official logo of the pharmaceutical company.

AstraZeneca Logo

AstraZeneca Careers

Are you interested in joining the company? Well, the good news is that as a leading global drugmaker, they hire from almost any country. After visiting their careers page here, it will automatically search for an available position nearby. It could be in your locality or the nearest country to you.

Since this is one company that is actively into Research & Development, chances that there will always be a position that needs to be filled are high.

AstraZeneca Vaccine

After the Coronavirus became a global phenomenon in 2020, the University of Oxford alongside AstraZeneca began to start their hunt for a vaccine for the highly contagious virus that forced the entire world into a lockdown.

Now, you can get vaccinated in any country the vaccine has been approved. Some countries have suspended the use of the vaccine such as South Africa. The vaccine failed to stop the spread of the South African variant.

You will, first of all, get a dose and then a second dose two weeks after the first one according to WHO as of April 9, 2021.

AstraZeneca Vaccine


Side Effects

  • Pain or tenderness at the injection site
  • Headache
  • Tiredness
  • Muscle or joint aches
  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Nausea

Below are common questions regarding the vaccine.

Who funded AstraZeneca vaccine?

Their research received a £65.5M funding from the UK government although it was majorly funded by the two entities involved in finding the vaccine.

How many people in US are vaccinated?

Over 160 million doses as of April 4, 2021.

Does the vaccine prevent Covid?

Yes, but as of April 9, 2021 it is only 63% effective according to data provided by WHO.

How many AstraZeneca vaccines have been given in UK?

20 million doses as of April 9, 2021, and counting.

Do I still need to wear a face mask after vaccination from COVID-19?


Are you immune to Covid after the vaccine?

According to the results, people vaccinated can still contract the virus even two weeks after receiving the second dose.

AstraZeneca Net Worth and Valuation

The current net worth of the company stands at $15.638 billion.