Alibaba Cloud Wiki, Login, Pricing, Certification and Net Worth

Alibaba is indeed one of those who revolutionized the Tech world and it came from far East unlike most American Companies. Alibaba Cloud Computing services is one of the greatest services the group renders currently and makes up a large share of their revenue.

Alibaba Cloud

It is also known as Aliyun and it powers a lot of websites on the internet including all of Alibaba products which are online.

The service currently has about 19 regional data centers around the world as at January, 2021 and they are at the following locations:

  • China (East, North and West),
  • United Kingdom,
  • The Middle East,
  • United States (West and East),
  • Indonesia,
  • Europe,
  • Japan,
  • Singapore,
  • Hong Kong,
  • India,
  • Australia,
  • and Malaysia.

Meanwhile the global data center is located at Germany.

Alibaba Cloud Wiki and History

In September 2009, it was founded as a subsidiary of the Alibaba Group in order to provide cloud computing services. In Hangzhou, Beijing, and Silicon Valley both R&D and Operation centers were opened that same day.

Although it has its headquarters at Hangzhou, China, its international operations has its headquarters at South East Asia’s Singapore.

Today its biggest rival in the market is Amazon Web Services also known as AWS. AWS is much, much bigger than Aliyun. It is about twice the size of the company in terms of revenue although it is much more cheaper to use than AWS.

For those wondering and asking what does Alibaba Cloud do? It is basically a cloud computing service and here are the things you can do with it below.

  • Cloud computing
  • IaaS, PaaS, DBaaS and SaaS,
  • Object storage (OOS),
  • Kubernetes and data customization,
  • Big Data,
  • IoT
  • and Ecommerce.

Company Profile




Alibaba Group






Jack Ma


Simon Hu

Parent Organization

Alibaba Group


Internet Services (Cloud Computing)

Headquarters (Corporate)

Hangzhou, China

Headquarters (International)


Official Website

Alibaba Cloud


3,000 – 15,000

Alibaba Cloud Login

You will need to login with your email and password.

Alibaba Cloud Login

You can also sign in as a RAM user and that’s only if you have a RAM account. The format you are to use in signing in is <user name>@<default domain name> or <user name>@<company alias>.

Login here.

Alibaba Cloud Pricing and Certification

They offer three (3) models of payments which are:

  • Pay on the Go
  • Subscription based payments
  • Resources Packages

For more info, visit here.

You are to pick your choice and check the available payments methods.


Alibaba Cloud Certification

The Alibaba Cloud Certification Associate or ACA as it is called covers all you need to know about the cloud’s computing, storage, networking and security. To get started, visit here.

Alibaba Cloud Net Worth and Value

The estimated value of the company hovers around $70 to $77 billion.